Sunday, April 29, 2007

1 Week to go.

Only a week now until I leave. It has been pouring rain so no training. Still that gives time to chase up odds and sods that don't really need chasing. I picked up the tickets on Tuesday, and last day at work was Friday, for a couple of months.

A couple of links to Google Earth routes: This one is not geographically spot on, but has lots of history and information, just click on the flags. This one is more accurate but with little dialogue.
Plenty of well-wishers which has been great. Thanks to Greg for the loan of his GPS, still not sure if I am taking it...

Other useful info
Long-term weather predictions along the way:

Daily forecasts:

All the stages and albergues one by one (Todas las etapas y albergues uno a uno)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 Weeks out...

Only 2 weeks to go. Training has been increased a bit. Anstey Hill has seen a fair bit of me, including the many Kangaroos there. Done several multiple climbs in the single walks. I worry about the climbing on the trail, but more about the descents, that hurts the knees! Last week, 2 Anstey Hill trips, and a walk to and from Golden Grove to get a lift to work. Switched to wearing inner socks, and blisters are much less of a problem. Shin splints a bit on Friday, which is a worry. I am maybe getting to used to Trekking poles, and on Friday was without them.
I have setup up a google map of the journey, .
Received the international SIM cards for my mobile, and pickup tickets on Tuesday. It is all feeling imminent, as those around me can probably attest. Finished the Spanish course, but will need to take a dictionary.
I got a bit of a reality check in the last fortnight, a pilgrim setting out from St Jean Pied du Port for Roncesvalles, passed away from Hypothermia 2 miles from Roncesvalles, which is my starting point. He was an experienced walker but got caught out by the weather.
I have collected my stone from Bird Island (my childhood home), to leave at Cruz de Ferro, along with thoughts and memories of K, B & D.
I have a few strategies in mind if the body cannot cope with the continuing 20-25 kms per day, involving bussing forward to one of the major cities along the way and walking from there (ie. Logrono, Burgos or Leon or at worse case Sarria). To qualify for the Compostela, one must walk at least the last 100 km's, that is not my aim, but always a possibility.
I worry heaps how the boys (and mum) are going to cope with dad gone, and can see what our chaps going to the middle east have to deal with. A guilt trip for me, as this is voluntary (I think).
I am having trouble paring down all the stuff I am taking, and coping with the range of conditions possible. I have to carry it all.