Sunday, April 10, 2016

The finish - an update from back in Oz.

We made the walk to Cabo Sao Vicente the next day. Strangely the guide describes it as somewhat difficult, was quite straight forward. Interesting power lines on the way, losing their cables due to the strong wind. Was very windy this day. After having something to eat, did a little begging - I kid you not, but was just for fun. Later caught the bus to Lagos. Whilst Siggi and Steve sorted out the digs, I had a couple of beers chatting to a nice bar owner. Very interesting old man. He used to fish off the cliffs and had some photos.  He showed me an Australian $2 note hanging up in his bar.
Next day did a boat tour of the Grotto - highly recommend, and walked through the old town.
Took the Saturday bus back to Lisboa. Steve and Siggi bugged out before sun up to the airport Sunday morning, meaning I had the day to myself. I took a train to Qeluz/Belas and a taxi to Belas. Found the Bombieros Voluntarios and met a distant relative of Cristina. He directed me to the old Bombieros Voluntarios building, where Cristina's grand-dad was the fire chief years ago. Took some photos.
Left Lisboa Sunday night and arrived home via Perth on Tuesday midday.
To my friends Steve and Siggi thanks.  Most of all thanks to Cristina.
Pictues will eventually be added! (later: done!)


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vila do Bispo

Last night stayed at a nice B&B in Carrapateira. Gorgeous sandy beach, thundering rollers in to the cliffs. Still amazed at the precarious places fishing is done. Relatively easy walk today assisted by a helpful ex-pat English last. Now at a quiet town of Vila do Bispo. 14 somewhat difficult kms tomorrow and we reach Cabo de São Vicente, the lower left corner of Portugal. Body is holding up really well, but I am looking forward to heading home next week.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Some days later at Arrifana

Now at the youth hostel in Arrifana on the coast again  Yesterday was meant to be a short walk of only 12 kms from Aljezur. Creatively we stretched that to more than 18. Picking up the red and white markers we followed the trail out of town, climbing ever upwards until we could see the sea again. But hang on, it is on our left. It seems we had picked up the Via Algarviana trail by the church and gone in the wrong direction. Back to town. The real trail of the Rota Vicentina also leaves by the church. The other church. The one in the old town. Climbed up to the Aljezur castle. This castle is one of 7 represented on the Portuguese flag. Church, the correct one is 300m from there. Of we go now on the right trail. Nice walk with a couple of breath sapping hills. Ran into our v German friend Jorgen coming the other way. He also is staying at this hostel. A gorgeous, modern hostel it is. Good bar and can provide dinner and breakfast.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

To Almogarve.

Tough little walk today. Only 15kms, but the sand knocks it out of you. Scenery was superb, cliffs, waves, spray, sea birds. Had a short half an hour nap about half way. Deep in thought. Divine. Hit town, sunk some beer, made the acquaintance of a nice German chap. Tomorrow 22kms, ugh.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Porto Covo to Vilanova da Milfontes

Sorry about the lack of pictures. They are on Facebook as my blogger app does not like uploading pictures from an external SD card. Will put up pictures when I return to Oz.
A difficult walk today of about 20 kms along the beach, cliffs and sandy paths. Very scenic but tough on the legs. The heights were a challenge too. Another difficult but shorter stint tomorrow. We are now on the fisherman's trail for a little bit as we swap back and forth between them. Lovely, lovely part of the world.




Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cercal do Alentejo to Porto Covo

Very pleasant walk today. Was just Siggi and I, as Steve took a taxi as was not well. Now at seaside at Porto Covo. With the wind whipping off the Atlantic is a bit cool.
An ode to Lefty.
My dear. After all our time together you start to complain. You rub my instep. So we have to come to a new understanding. I will not do up the top lacing and you will not complain again, please. Tomorrow or the day after we will discuss again. Thank-you Lefty.